Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My First Sew Along

I love love LOVE every bag in this book. So I couldn't resist joining in my first sew along to make sure I get around to making each one! And instead of joining one, I joined 2 (its the same sew along, just different people to keep me interested and motivated)

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So this month is the Cosmo Bag. A big bag, but with 2 kids - I'm sure I'll put it to good use!

I struggled through the first part - picking out the fabric...

Fabric is Calico Dark Aqua Geo Leaves
The fabric is called Carousel Floral. This is going to be the main fabric of the bag.
Its soo pretty and makes me smile just looking at it. Can't wait to have it on my bag!

This fabric is Calico Fabric Heartstrings Sketch Stripe Purple

Now I need to decide which will be the accent fabric and which will be the interior. I can't decide!
Any input? Anyone?

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